Pyrovalerones pharmacology. Why its cause psychosis?


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Mar 26, 2024
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Hello, I am extremely interested in the topic of pyrovalerones from a scientific point of view. Why are bath salt users so different from other stimulant users? For example, methamphetamine is quite suitable as a combat stimulant, sports doping (tested on myself), and it is quite possible to engage in productive intellectual activity while using it. But I have never met or heard of a-pvp users who would do anything other than compulsive redosing and searching for insects under their skin. Of course, this also applies to methamphetamine addicts, but specifically to addicts and not just to occasional or reasonable users. I studied the pharmacological action of these substances, and found out that they are particularly selective just like NDRIs, one could assume that psychosis is caused by excessive dopamine stimulation, without the softening effect of serotonin (as happens with the same meth or cocaine, for example). But there is, for example, the same methylphenidate, with an identical principle of action, but Ritalin users also do not have similar symptoms. What could be the problem in your opinion?
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