Recipe for making THC oil


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Feb 11, 2024
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Recipe for making THC oil: 🎩✨

So, here we have a simple plan for concocting something that will open the doors to a land of endless possibilities – THC oil!
After its creation, you can start making candies, chocolate, and who knows what else! 🍬🍫

What you'll need:
- 14 grams of Shake (yes, from us) or flower 🌿
- 200 ml of coconut oil 🥥
- An oven, stove, baking tray, a sealable jar with a screw cap about 0.5 l, aluminum foil or baking paper, a strainer, and of course, magical hands 🧙♂️


We start with the preparation of our magical decarboxylation ritual. Spread aluminum foil or baking paper on the tray, sprinkle the Shake or flowers on it, cover with another piece of foil, and move it to a cold oven. Turn it on to 115 °C and let things happen for 45-60 minutes. This slow heating is like an invitation for THC to come out and play. 🌡️🍃

2. In the meantime, attend to the coconut oil. We'll heat it in a water bath – no, not the kind of spa you're thinking of from wellness weekends, but simply a pot of water gently simmering. 🚫🛁

3. Once the decarboxylation is complete, we take out the tray, remove the top foil, and our miraculous Shake is transferred into the jar with warm coconut oil. This starts the "Let's join forces!" phase. 🤝

4.Now it's time for the water bath. Fill a larger pot with water, heat it to a gently bubbling temperature (we don't want it boiling like a geyser), and place our jar into this calm ocean. We'll let it "cook" like this for 4-6 hours. During this time, stir and top up the water to prevent any magical escapes. 🌊

5. After this epic journey, we take out the jar, open it, and using a strainer and a kitchen towel, we filter our gold into another container. And voilà, your THC oil is ready for use! 🏆

Congratulations! You now hold in your hands an elixir that opens the gates to endless fun and culinary experiments. Use your new treasure wisely and remember, with great power comes great responsibility! 🧙♂️💫

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