1. K

    Have some doubt about Mephedrone

    I want to discuss some things about Mephedrone, i hope you give me your precious 10 minutes (1) I'm reading synthesis of 4mmc for last 1-2 month, and I'm very much interested in making 4mmc. I don't have any experience in chemistry, but i think i understand 80% of the process and i think i can...
  2. BioHackers

    BioHackers hand out free 4MMC samples in Bratislava

    Mephedrone News Dead Drop Bratislava 
    Hi! We have fresh dead drops in Bratislava These are DD by 2g and they are offered as free samples. You can be among those who get a free sample. But we need you to write a detailed review here -...
  3. TheVacuumGuy


    I was looking over the properties of Hexane, and it seems a good fit do use as solvent . It is also cheap. Anyone experience with it for Mephedrone synthesis ?
  4. R

    Anyone create video with

    Can one of you create a detailed video with the method of making 4mmc at home?
  5. J

    Mephedrone purification and crystallization

    I've seen a lot of different ways to clean meph on larger scale or how to make crystals really big for customer appeal. But my question is, which solutions for crystallization or washing methods are the best for cleaning small portions of mephedrone bought on the streets ? I don't care how...
  6. H

    Looking for seller of 4mmc USA

    Mephedrone Buy 
    Hi. I'm looking for a great quality 4mmc to USA. I need great white crystals 500gr per month
  7. DragonLabz

    High yielding 4MMC synthesis / 2B4MP

    4MMC in dcm , addification in water with hcl37% Ph 5.5 Yield powder / 64% Yield crystals / 52% Thanks to @Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton @HIGGS BOSSON for giving us some good advice!
  8. freedum

    Please look over my recipe

    If you. Can spot any issues, or add anything to it would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to try to do a series of videos. To contribute to the forum and do a giveaway of product so I want it to contain as much info as possible and the product to be semi decent for consumption...
  9. Gordon Ramsay

    2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone Vendors in EU/China

    Looking for a vendor 
    Hey there, I am looking for a trusted vendor that can ship 2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone directly to me (EU) from an european warehouse, preferrably. Otherwise importing it directly from China would work, depending on the price. Quantity will be high once a sample order was approved. Please...
  10. Gordon Ramsay

    4MMC Reagent Kit - First Synthesis (100g Scale)

    4MMC Synthesis Report (100g 2B4MP) 1. 100g 2b4mp was placed inside of a RBF and 350ml of DCM was added. The solution was stirred for approx. 5 minutes, untill the 2b4mp was fully dissolved in DCM 2. 200ml Methylamine 40% was added in 3 portions (70ml, 75ml, 55ml), every 15 minutes. The...
  11. Raul Duke

    Cathinones from the plant

    Hello everyone, in my country the Gat plant (Cath/khat) is completely legal, I would love to know how to extract interesting pure cathinones from it. Thanks.
  12. The-Hive


    Not the Easiest to get hold of in the UK To get it sent international over this way anybody have any good recommendations
  13. white7proton

    Best 4MMC Crystallisation Method In A Garage

    Best 4MMC Crystallisation Method In A Garage This garage I have access to is very remote and out of the way, there is no access to a constant flow of electricity. I have an inverter which allows me to have use of electricity whilst I am there with my vehicle but that is my only form of...
  14. B

    Interesting 4MMC manual on higher phenols

    Found it on some kind of forum, and edited it a bit (regarding the labware I have on hand and added questions of interest to me, as well as some notes for clarity of understanding), what do you think? In a 20-liter flask, 5 l of dry DCM, 9 g of lump aluminum (0.333 mol) and about a quarter...
  15. T

    Where can I buy these chemycals legally in a small scale? EUROPE

    bromoketone solution 4.9% methylamine 38% hydrochloric acid solution
  16. white7proton

    4MMC Crystals

    So, I have my 4MMC powder. My technique for making the crystals is as follows: Ingredients: -100g 4MMC powder from synthesis (still can't get the colour right for some reason) no idea why?! -250ml water -50ml acetone Working Conditions: *Room temperature 23C *Room ventilated, so low humidity...
  17. white7proton

    Unorthodox 4MMC Synthesis & Setup Advice

    My question is, I know of someone who for obvious reasons remains private and also wont just share his setup details but from conversations where he has mentioned things by accident about how he functions I've come to realise he works very unorthodox in the way that he doesn't use chemistry...
  18. white7proton

    HOW?! 4mmc Unorthodox Setup

    My question is, I know of someone who for obvious reasons remains private and also wont just share his setup details but from conversations where he has mentioned things by accident about how he functions I've come to realise he works very unorthodox in the way that he doesn't use chemistry...
  19. T


    hello, For some time now, is pretty difficult to find good quality 4MMC. Every batch is some oily stuff ... Do someone has an insight of why is this? Is there a shortage somewhere? Thanks!
  20. J

    4-MMC Mephedrone, Tryptamine, and Disso Manufacturer

    Looking for a vendor 
    I'm looking for a 4-MMC or Mephedrone manufacturer. I am also looking for those that can produce or supply 5-meo-mipt HCL, 5-mapb HCL, DCK, and 5-meo-pce (or pcp). I will ignore resellers that gouge prices and those that are inexperienced. I buy in bulk, but I start in smaller amounts that...
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