1. T

    Can 4MMC change color and become wet due to heat?

    Hello, I have come across something that is being advertised as 4MMC. The color is brown, and it's wet. I have not seen this in my life. It doesn't smell like 4MMC or other MMC. I tested it with reagents and Ropadobe is blue/purple which rules out MMC. Also the Zimmerman is unusually perfect...
  2. dark_side_of_chemistry

    new idea for a mephedrone synthesis device from the recipe: Mephedrone synthesis in the NMP (large scale)

    Yo . I came up with another idea how to build a synthesis device ... (for mephedrone synthesis in nmp) thanks to the gravitational flow of the liquid we are able to divide the solution after the reaction (right after the methylamination is finished). Thanks to this, in tanks of this capacity...