1. S

    A-oil to Amphetamine with methanol + sulfuric acid

    Hi everyone ! I need you to a recipe that i don't know. Usually, to get amph sulphate from a-oil, I used sulfuric acid + aceton, as explain here : http://bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onion/threads/amphetamine-synthesis-from-p2np-via-al-hg-video.196/ But not long...
  2. bordello

    How to make speed paste from A-Oil (looking for real how to)

    Hello friends, i was looking for a real how to about this topic. I found a thread but the thread was not the real deal. If someone would be so nice to write a good step by, it would be great! I want to make 5kg paste Form 1 Liter Oil. PH is 12,2. i got sulfuric acid 96 percent and isopropanol...
  3. Berlin777


    I buy a-oil from time to time and I've noticed, sometimes they look and smell a bit diffrent. Some of them are more yellowish other ones are more clear, also noticed differences in their odour. Any more experienced person can tell give some guidance?
  4. I

    Spoiled Free Base (A-Oil)

    Hello Guys, I am new to the forum and want to thank you in advance for reading my question. So basically I got a liter of free base, which I stored in a water bottle for almost half a year at room temperature. Now the A-Oil is completely black (even darker than Coca Cola). I also stored some...
  5. M

    Extract Amphetamine Base (A-Oil) from clothes - need urgent help

    Hi everyone, I need an urgent advice from a chemist. During the delivery process from ordered A-Oil the vendor didn't seal the package correctly, so all the liquid has spread inside the package. As stealth, clothing was repackaged and this is now soaked with all the oil. It is a large amount...
  6. S

    leucart reaction

    When I enter leucart reaction in the search box the real explanation is not there ?
  7. KokosDreams

    EU Supplier for Mercury (II) Nitrate CAS 10045-94-0 for Amphetamine Freebase Synthesis

    Looking for a vendor 
    Dear Breaking Bad Community, I am Koko, I have been active on the DN since a few weeks. Since 4-5 months I am on the mission to understand the synthesis of Amphetamine Freebase. Mainly I am looking for 2 synthesis methods: 1. Manufacture Amphetamine Freebase from P2NP & Mercury (II) Nitrate...
  8. BMKOILEY123


    Hey folks, one question.... I have been buying BMK oil from holland for a while, which is mixed 1:1 with isopropanol and then carefully precipitated with concentrated sulfuric acid to amphetamine sulfate. I have now tested bmk oil from another supplier and tried to convert it to amphetamine...
  9. WillD

    Amphetamine synthesis via 1-phenyl-2-nitropropene LAH reduction

    Reagents: Lithium aluminum hydride (LAH; cas 16853-85-3) 12 g; 1,4-Dioxane 300 ml; 1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene (P2NP; cas 705-60-2) 10 g; Sodium hydroxide (25% NaOH) aq. solution; Acetone ~50 ml; Sulfuric acid ~10 ml; Equipment and glassware: Two-naked round bottom flask 1 L; Retort stand and...
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