1. K

    Difference in Leuckart Reaction with Formamide and ammonium formate

    Hello Guys, At First I want to say what a nice forum this is! really interesting! I have a question about the Leuckart reaction to produce amphetamines and maybe someone here can help me: The literature speaks of two different methods for the Leuckart reaction: one with ammonium formate and one...
  2. M

    dry speed paste

    how to dry Amphetamines speed in paste?
  3. Meikar

    [An example of a forum trading topic] Best of the best || [Ek phoram treding topik ka ek udaaharan] Best oph da best

    Amphetamines Methcathinones Tryptamines Cannabinoids Opioids Other 
    Naitroethen [99+%] keval yooropeey sangh ke deshon ko shipament Bahut shuddh naitroethen yukt utpaad. Utpaad ek elyoomeeniyam kee botal mein ek chhedachhaad spasht angoothee ke saath ek skroo kaip ke saath hai. Kais nan: 79-24-3 Keval yooropeey sangh ke deshon mein shipament...
  4. Meikar

    [Un ejemplo de un tema de comercio de foros] Lo mejor de lo mejor

    Amphetamines Methcathinones Tryptamines Cannabinoids Opioids Other 
    Envío de nitroetano [99 +%] sólo a países de la UNIÓN EUROPEA Producto que contiene nitroetano muy puro. El producto está en una botella de aluminio con una tapa de tornillo con un anillo evidente de manipulación. No CAS: 79-24-3 Envío sólo a países de la Unión Europea. El nitroetano es un...
  5. Meikar

    [An example of a forum trading topic] Best of the best || [Um exemplo de um tópico de negociação fórum] O melhor dos melhores

    Amphetamines Methcathinones Tryptamines Cannabinoids Opioids Other 
    países da UNIÃO EUROPEIA Produto contendo nitroetano muito puro. O produto está num frasco de alumínio com uma tampa de parafuso com um anel evidente de adulteração. Número CAS: 79-24-3 Envio apenas para países da União Europeia. Nitroetano é um líquido oleoso incolor com um cheiro fruto...
  6. Meikar

    [An example of a forum trading topic] Best of the best || [Przykład tematu handlu na forum] Najlepsze z najlepszych

    Amphetamines Methcathinones Tryptamines Cannabinoids Opioids Other 
    Nitroetan [99+%] przesyłka tylko do krajów Unii Europejskiej Produkt zawierający bardzo czysty nitroetan. Produkt znajduje się w aluminiowej butelce z zakrętką z widocznym pierścieniem manipulacji. CAS nr: 79-24-3 Wysyłka tylko do krajów Unii Europejskiej. Nitroetan jest bezbarwnym...
  7. C

    Advice on how likely safe synthesis of amphetamine can be undertaken by a noob

    Hello amazing people, I'm guessing that most of you guys are professional chems or at least have higher level of education in this area. I dont. 16 years ago i wondered if i would ever be able to make my own amphet ( ive reaserched the effects of this product everyday for last 20 years). At...
  8. Amphetamine synthesis from P2NP via Al/Hg (video)

    Amphetamine synthesis from P2NP via Al/Hg (video)
  9. G.Patton

    DOx phenethylamines series (DOB, DOM, DOI, DOC) syntheses

    Introduction Substituted dimethoxyamphetamines (also known as DOx) refers to a class of psychedelic amphetamines originally synthesized and documented by Alexander Shulgin in his investigation of psychoactive phenethylamines in the 1970s. Shulgin later published his findings along with other...

    Amphetamine synthesis from P2NP via Al/Hg (video)

  11. GhostChemist

    One-pot amphetamine synthesis from P2NP with NaBH4/CuCl2 (1kg scale)

    Reaction scheme: Equipment and glassware: 50 L batch reactor with a reflux condenser, top stirrer and heating apparatus in a set-up; Drip funnel; Conventional funnel; Laboratory grade thermometer (up to 150 °С); Several buckets for 10 and 20 L; Measuring cylinder for 1 L; Vacuum source...