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  1. Constantylious777

    1.4-Butanediol (LEGAL GBL) Poland--> Worldwide(USA,AUS too) from 10ml up 20L

    1.4-Butanediol 10ml - 15 EUR 25ml - 28 EUR 50ml - 32 EUR 100ml - 32 EUR 250 - 52 EUR 500 - 85 EUR 1L - 190 EUR 5L - 800 EUR 10L - 1250 EUR 20L - 2350 EUR our website : 7n5chbevzcylxrpguc6tz24dx5qbnzx4oyuctcr3drj2ojhrdzk6kcid.onion Email : [email protected] Wickr : constantylious...
  2. Nitrochemis


    The highest quality product made only from raw materials from the EU. Product is in an aluminum bottle with a screw cap with a tamper evident ring. 1,4-butanediol (BDO) CAS No: 110-63-4 BDO is kind of colorless viscous oil-like liquid which is nearly odorless. It can soluble in methanol and...