1. Gordon Ramsay

    September 17 2023: Flight-RCS team busted in Thessaloniki, Greece! the-frcs.is

    Hey community, now this one hits close to home: The @flightrcs team got taken down by major LE forces in multiple raids happening last week. This is very sad news for all of us but also, unfortunately, an opportunity to learn from mistakes and grow from it. I am in my thoughts with all arrested...
  2. KokosDreams

    Spanish police seize 827,000 ecstasy tabs in country's biggest ever 'synthetic' drug bust

    Eleven gang members, including the network’s Dutch leader, have been arrested in the biggest 'synthetic' drug raid in Spanish history. Spanish Police announced that the case involved a “criminal organization with the greatest reach in the production and trafficking of synthetic drugs in the...
  3. KokosDreams

    LSD Legend: The man behind the 60s LSD revolution dies aged 75 - He made 250m doses of 'Orange Sunshine'

    Nicholas Sand died from a heart attack at his California home on April 24 aged 75 He was an outlaw chemist who rose to infamy in the 60s creating large batches of his 'Orange Sunshine' brand of LSD Sand was responsible for manufacturing more than 250 million doses of acid He believed he could...
  4. KokosDreams

    The Wild Story Of William Leonard Pickard, The ‘Acid King’ Who Once Made 90 Percent Of The World’s LSD

    When William Leonard Pickard was arrested by the DEA in November 2000, agents allegedly seized enough acid for 400 million trips from his missile silo lab in Kansas. DEAPickard was given two life sentences to be served at the U.S. Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona. On Nov. 6, 2000, Kansas...
  5. KokosDreams

    Europe’s largest cocaine lab busted in Spain

    Madrid, January 18: Spanish police have dismantled what they believe to be the biggest cocaine laboratory discovered in Europe so far and detained 25 people, police said Tuesday. The laboratory was located on a property in Villanueva de Perales near Madrid. Police confiscated 300 kg of drugs...
  6. KokosDreams

    Police in Germany and Belgium make Europe’s biggest ever cocaine bust, worth billions of euros

    Authorities in Germany and Belgium seized more than 23,000 kilograms (50,700 pounds) of cocaine, worth billions of dollars, in an international operation that resulted in one arrest, officials said Wednesday, calling it the largest amount of cocaine ever seized in Europe. The operation lasted...
  7. KokosDreams

    Five arrested in cocaine bust off Spain's Canary Islands

    Five people were arrested when a fishing boat carrying nearly three tonnes of cocaine was intercepted off the Canary Islands, Spanish police said. The AKT 1 was stopped on April 13 by a Spanish coastguard patrol about 300 nautical miles south of the Spanish archipelago as it tried to pass...
  8. KokosDreams

    Laboratory manufacturing athlete doping substances dismantled in Benalmadena

    Laboratory manufacturing athlete doping substances dismantled in Benalmadena Police operation in Benalmadena dismantles clandestine laboratory manufacturing doping substances used by athletes As reported in a statement from the police, an operation in the Malaga municipality of Benalmadena has...
  9. KokosDreams

    Spanish police raid outdoor cocaine lab capable of making 120kg of drug a week

    Operation on farm near Madrid resembled clandestine outdoor labs found in jungles of South America, police said Spanish police have arrested 12 people after raiding a cocaine laboratory near Madrid that operated like the clandestine outdoor labs found in the jungles of South America and which...
  10. KokosDreams

    Two Brits are arrested in Spain after police find 8,700 LSD tablets and 10 kilos of amphetamines in 'Breaking Bad' style lab

    Two British nationals have been arrested in Spain following drugs bust Police seized 8,700 LSD tablets and 10 kilos of amphetamines in Leioa Officers say the designer drugs were sent abroad to Europe and the US Police in Spain have arrested two Brits after dismantling a 'Breaking Bad' style...
  11. KokosDreams

    Largest ever European haul of amphetamine precursor BMK seized

    The Criminal Department of CBI Polish Police, Unit Gdansk, has seized Europe's largest ever haul of the amphetamine precursor, BMK, in Warsaw. This was the result of a long-term investigation conducted by the Polish CBI of Gdansk since 2013. The seizure consisted of 346 blue jerry cans, each...
  12. KokosDreams

    'Largest seizure in history': Mexican authorities recover $230M worth of fentanyl after drug bust

    This article contains hyperlinks to clearnet websites Mexican authorities announced it conducted a "historic" raid this month, seizing over half a ton of fentanyl in the state of Sinaloa on Thursday in the largest fentanyl drug bust in the country’s history. The Ministry of National Defense...
  13. KokosDreams

    'Historical seizure' of heroin at Romanian Black Sea port (2021)

    Romanian authorities say they have confiscated 1,452 kilograms (3,200 pounds) of heroin at a Black Sea port in one of the biggest seizures of the drug in the European Union in recent years BUCHAREST, Romania -- Romanian authorities confiscated 1,452 kilograms (3,200 pounds) of heroin at a Black...
  14. KokosDreams

    Saudi Arabia seizes record 47 million amphetamine pills hidden in flour shipment

    Some 47 million amphetamine pills hidden in a flour shipment were seized by Saudi Arabia's authorities. Authorities in Saudi Arabia have confiscated 47 million amphetamine pills which were hidden in a flour shipment, in an operation described as the biggest one-time drug smuggling attempt in...
  15. KokosDreams

    Don't be this guy - wannabe Walter White busted before even starting

    Reading the book The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories would have definitely helped him. When setting up a lab, it is absolutely important to choose the location in a way, that it can not be traced back to you in a case of emergency. Also, letting unnecessary or...
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