1. S

    Do you think it was Mephedrone?

    Hello everyone, I’m living in iran About 2 years ago some dealer gave me some brown powder and I think I have some G of cocaine ( today in iran call it OD) , with smell of dior perfume and it’s feels like best experience I have ever had (also every one who snorted it fall in love with it) Just...
  2. bblanco

    Dutch Kolonial Legal Cocaine factory... later just multiple legal drug factory

    yeah a topic where they trie hard to find info about... an offiucial share (stock cert.) you could invest in..
  3. S

    Hello weird question about cocaine

    Okay so in India they sell pharmaceutical cocaine but they mix it with something so it has no euphoria when you take it cocaine HCL. . It is used for Making anesthetic solution for eye surgery and all the product is having only stimulant and anesthetic properties “ (R)-(−)-cocaine I...
  4. 8

    Work-processes of european cocainelabs

    What are the fundamental work-processes of European cocaine labs? just wondering what they are doing in general because i have absolutely no clue. Im pretty sure they are not importing coca leafs... so what are they doing? sorry if the question seems obsolete but im new in this forum and very...
  5. M

    Alternative chemicals for cocaine extraction from coca leaves

    Can anyone tell me what could be used in place of: kerosene potassium permanganate Ammonia Sulphuric acid for extracting cocaine. Thanks
  6. Frit Buchner

    3 pot cocaine HCL in high yield from Chinese precursor?

    The synthesis One of many examples of the product This is currently novel idea in my mind, but the precursors/ yield ratio appears to be far more...
  7. Power

    help for your shrinky winky on stims

    take a little cialis everyday you can get it very very cheap it lasts 3 days and no not constant boner just blood there and "awareness that its their big and swinging" bit of confidence especially in the company other men it only spikes blood there when needed


    GREETINGS FROM THE VALENTINO CARTEL⚗️🧪 We have 4 teams and 4 synthesis facilities, 1 based in the United Kingdom, one based on Germany, two based in the USA and Canada. Thanks to the information we have gathered, and the generous staff that gave us their time for free and answered all of our...
  9. T

    How do dealers rock up cocaine after cutting it?

    They brake it and mix it with creatine, or something, but how do they rock it up back? How do they get chunks?
  10. cubesquare

    Cocaine nasal spray

    Hi there experts. I have been thinking about cocaine nasal sprays and found a load of information on Bluelight and others but it seems that cocaine HCL breaks down rapidly in water/alcohol. So one could not store dissolved cocaine for much longer than 24hrs? Is anyone aware of another method...
  11. K

    Need contact in istanbul

    Looking for a vendor 
    It's very hard to find a contact in Istanbul for cocaine. My previous contact is no longer available and scammed over internet 2 times recently :( Please help
  12. T

    How is crack cocaine is 40$ in Iran?

    hi, im from Iran. and i tried crack cocaine about 2 months ago, i researched a bit, and find out. the price is ridiculous. it's about 1,700,000 (40$) Rials in border and you can find it in the cities for about 2,500,000 (60$) Rials. i searched a lot of online markets and this price is to low. im...
  13. KokosDreams

    Europe’s largest cocaine lab busted in Spain

    Madrid, January 18: Spanish police have dismantled what they believe to be the biggest cocaine laboratory discovered in Europe so far and detained 25 people, police said Tuesday. The laboratory was located on a property in Villanueva de Perales near Madrid. Police confiscated 300 kg of drugs...
  14. KokosDreams

    Police in Germany and Belgium make Europe’s biggest ever cocaine bust, worth billions of euros

    Authorities in Germany and Belgium seized more than 23,000 kilograms (50,700 pounds) of cocaine, worth billions of dollars, in an international operation that resulted in one arrest, officials said Wednesday, calling it the largest amount of cocaine ever seized in Europe. The operation lasted...
  15. KokosDreams

    Five arrested in cocaine bust off Spain's Canary Islands

    Five people were arrested when a fishing boat carrying nearly three tonnes of cocaine was intercepted off the Canary Islands, Spanish police said. The AKT 1 was stopped on April 13 by a Spanish coastguard patrol about 300 nautical miles south of the Spanish archipelago as it tried to pass...
  16. KokosDreams

    Spanish police raid outdoor cocaine lab capable of making 120kg of drug a week

    Operation on farm near Madrid resembled clandestine outdoor labs found in jungles of South America, police said Spanish police have arrested 12 people after raiding a cocaine laboratory near Madrid that operated like the clandestine outdoor labs found in the jungles of South America and which...
  17. K

    How to cooking 2cb "tussibi"

    Hello guys. I am thinking about start to sell the "pink cocaine" or "tussibi" but i dont know about nothing about.. If someone teach me ONLY how to make.. ill aprecciate. I know only what uses but dont know how to do.. Thank you
  18. W

    Hola a todos, me presento

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Hello everyone, I introduce myself and make my first post. I don't know where it should be placed and I'll put it in this category. I have stumbled upon this site and it has been like finding gold, over several years I have browsed, read and researched both on drugs and also chemistry. This...
  19. dnkr

    How to make cocaine bricks with a press?

    I have a hydraulic press with 5x7 mould and want to brick cocaine / lidocaine 70/30 mix. I'm testing how to use the press with baking soda, making it wet spraying with acetone, but when I take it out of the mold it crumbles especially easily on the corners and edges and is very messy. Of...
  20. Flea Market

    Flea Market

    Flea Market Flea Market's Official Onion http://llpc53iiugcobsdwjposo4fgdybell3vsemoigep7mo3nxm2vs5yywqd.onion/ >>>For vendors looking to get their name up contact us. The first 10 vendors if not already established will receive a Free Vendors account<<< Payment Options BTC XMR coming...