1. W

    DMSO Dimethyl sulfoxide CAS 67-68-5

    Payment Terms: TT, Bitcoin, USDT, XMR, Western Union, Escrow Delivery: 100% safe, fast, secure, and discreet with undetectable packaging and delivery worldwide Price: 1L USD60/L 25L USD25/L Pls contact us for more details if interested, thanks!
  2. Benzaldehyde Synthesis

    Benzaldehyde Synthesis

    Benzyl Alcohol Oxidation to Benzaldehyde Catalyzed by Acid in DMSO
  3. Wendy Dreamer

    Dimethyl sulfoxide CAS 67-68-5

    【Package and Delivery】 Discreet and sealed packaging, USA/Canada/Europe/Russia/Australia/New zealand/Dubai/Israel Local Warehouse! 【Payment】 bitcoin, usdt, monero, bank transfer, ESCROW! 【Price】 7610usd/T (for reference only)
  4. C

    DMSO method

    I was reading the 1st edition of "Advanced Techniques of Clandestine Psychedelic & Amphetamine Manufacture" and I got to the chapter 16 which explains a rather simple method using dimethylsulfoxide, conc. sulfuric acid and NaBr/KBr to obtain bromosafrole in order to synthetize MDA/MDMA Has...
  5. Constantylious777


    DMSO 1L - 53EURO
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