ephedrine tablets

  1. U

    Best solvent for meth safe not bad smelling.

    Hello I would like to discuss possible solvents usage as replacement of stinky long evaporating T.(Toluene) to for example extract ephedrine from pills -What is most suitable solvent for dissolving pseudo/ephedrine without this unholy stink and also one that evaporates all within hour's...
  2. Methamphetamine from ephedrine tablets via red P

    Methamphetamine from ephedrine tablets via red P

    Methamphetamine from ephedrine tablets via red P on the kitchen. https://bbgate.com/threads/methamphetamine-from-ephedrine-tablets.302/ Special thanks to @the money for this video!
  3. C


    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Searching for vendor for good and cheap ephedrine pills in EU. Im located in Bulgaria but here I can't find anything good. Please help!!!
  4. J

    Extraction from Ephedrine pills

    Hello, I'm a beginner chemist and want to cook my first batch soon while using the "Ephedrine extraction method". I'm wondering, which Ephedrine pills should I use and where I can get them. Should I use Ephedrine HCI/L? Or Ephedrinium Hydrochlorid? And if it is the latter which one(D6/D4/etc.)...
  5. WillD

    Methamphetamine from ephedrine tablets

    Extraction of pseudoephedrine from pharmaceutical (Sudafed) tablets. Pseudoephedrine was extracted from Sudafed tablets using ethanol, ethanol/methanol (90:10% vol/vol) and methylated spirits. The solvents were chosen with reference to the relevant clandestine literature. For each extraction...
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