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Methamphetamine from ephedrine tablets via red P

Methamphetamine from ephedrine tablets via red P on the kitchen.
Special thanks to @the money for this video!
What an informative and fun video!!! Is it truly that absurdly simple? Obviously the video was shot a while ago and things have changed with the added binders in the pills these days but would this process still hold up today?
I just attempted the Moscow route for the first time and it was a bit disappointing to me..But that being said, I am a bit of a novice and this was my first foray after purchasing some basic organic chemistry glassware and hotplate etc..
A question if I may...Why is sodium thiosulfate used in the moscow route reaction?
and is it possible for excess sodium hydroxide and sodium thiosulfate to migrate into the toluene with the methamphetamine oil?
Thanks for digging up that video!!
Oh and also, is muriatic acid and calcium chloride a viable way to produce hcl gas or is it better to use muriatic and tin foil to generate gas?
I know this one very well. Its hilarious. Really does take you back into the days where people cooked meth, everywhere. It used to be in every American household. Crazy that nowadays people lose their minds over the tiniest amount of these crystals.
First of all, thank you for your sharing. Secondly, I have several questions to ask you,
1. In the video, how much is the temperature of mixing red phosphorus, iodine and ephedrine for an hour and a half?
2. Sodium thiosulfate is not used in the video. Red Devil Lye What is this? Are they a substitute? If not, what about using sodium thiosulfate?
3. Sulphuric acid cannot be bought in my country. Can HCL gas be replaced by HCL solid?
Red devil lye is sodium hydroxide..used to unclog drains or in extractions to raise the pH of a solution.
And for hcl gas I use muriatic acid/hydrochloric acid mixed with calcium chloride(a dessicant) to produce hcl is a much less volatile reaction compared to others..

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Synthesis of Amphetamines (Phenylethylamines)
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