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    can not find topic ( amp )

    hello I read many times on the forum people that ask about bubbles in amphetamine production they ask how long the bubbles last. I search for weeks but can not find where those questions were ask. I need to know because I need those bubbles in my syntheses to
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    Amp question

    hello, after boiling N-formy with HCL for two hours, do we first need to separate it before we bring it to ph14 ? and when we add the NaOH, do we need to boil the solution again before washing with toluene ? Thank you
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    how i can get amphetamine from P2P and formamide and HCl)

    I found this: One of the most common methods of illegal production of amphetamine is the Leuckart reaction, which consists in the condensation of phenylacetone (phenyl-2-propanone, P2P) with formamide or ammonium formate in the presence of formic acid and subsequent acid hydrolysis of the...