1. Lucifer

    This is a distress call for help in an attack on a Tor Hidden Service

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! We are no experts in Tor networking, but know our way around. If anything described here makes sense to you and/or you have a suspicion on what is going on, any kind of feedback is extremely appreciated! 1. What's happening? Our service was running...
  2. Vince Gilligan JR

    "OPSEC" Request for information or validation of my project

    I didn't find a game for opsec in general, so I took the liberty of putting my thread here. If I am not in the right section please let me know. I would like to know if there is a secure and anonymous way to sell on instagram. My plan is simple, I think that most of the people we reach on the...
  3. Vince Gilligan JR

    Many questions about the synthesis of MDMA and other drugs by a beginner.

    Hello to you ! I've been browsing this site for a few days looking for knowledge and experience ! And I am really very happy to have found so much! So Thanks. For as much I always ask myself some question which could help other person who like me one can of experiment, are curious to learn. So...
  4. D

    MDMA Synthesis From Pure PMK Oil

    Hello, I've recently come across a local connection who's able to provide me with [~92%] PMK oil. I've been reading various PMK -> MDMA synth guides on here and other forums, however I'm finding myself asking more questions than the guides are answering. Somebody recommended I try Bright...
  5. A

    I want to make the best cocaïne

    Hiiiii my friends , I would like to make coke but the problem is that in my country coca leaves are forbidden and I would love to know where to get some (I already have an idea to use "Delisse coca powder" but I don't know if it's going to work) also I already have the recipe for cocaine but if...
  6. S

    Easiest way to produce meth without using pseudoephedrine?

    What would be the easiest way to make high quality meth without using pseudoephedrine?
  7. M

    Starting with my culture.

    Hi, I am starting with my first plants, and I am not an expert about when water them, and how should them grow, could somebody help me with the typical starter questions?
  8. Kai

    MDMA from blackpeper seeds

    Once I heard you can use near anything for base MDMA. What kinda methods I need to follow to make this crazy and completely useless project?