lab equipment

  1. M

    First synthesis..

    Hi, I watched all the videos, but cannot decide which route to go for my first amphetamine/ d-metanphetamine synthesis. I don't have any lab equipment nor ingredients but I am able to source pretty much everything. And I do have some university level organic chem knowledge. But when theory...
  2. C

    Is it possible to replace a chemical reactor or Round-bottom flask with a plastic bucket?

    I would like to know if it is possible to replace a chemical reactor or Round-bottom flask with a plastic bucket or other material resistant to chemical reactions, when doing small-scale chemical synthesis. Thank you all!!
  3. T


    What's up this is the Texas base group if you're from Texas then you can come on in, if your not you can still join but don't expect no homeboy hook-ups that's for anyone passing threw Texas, or in Texas, dead drops are a thing! Especially if your in the corpus Christi area. Send a message make...
  4. Constantylious777


  5. M

    Rotovap alternative

    Hi everyone, What is a cheaper alternative to a rotovap?
  6. ymaaah

    Your opinion about this lab equipement?

    for a cheap budget :) hot plate + magnetic stirrer: air aspirator...
  7. P

    Any recommendations on where to buy lab equipment? [EU]

    Good evening, I was wondering if any of you knew some good vendors for lab equipment. I always hear that [Insert large provider] is overpriced, bad, etc. So yes, that is about it. Thank you for your help!
  8. Constantylious777

    Constantylious Lab Equipment

    Porcelain mortar 90mm with a pestle - 12 EUR A porcelain mortar with a pestle included Mortar outer diameter: 90 mm Inside diameter of the mortar: 75 mm Mortar height: 50 mm Capacity: 100 ml Glass measuring cylinder plastic foot 1000ml - 26 EUR height: 445 mm diameter: 67 mm Base diameter: 140...
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