1. C

    what are mdma "moonrocks"?

    Does anyone know what mdma moonrocks are exactly? I crystallized mdma from ipa and from water. With the ipa I got crystal clear shards and with the water method i got little clear pieces of mdma but I have no idea how they get those ugly moonrocks. I heard they just melt the mdma powder and it...
  2. Ahilas

    Making MDMA video

    Hello, I'm kinda new to chemistry and I'm wondering if someone has a making synthetic mdma video
  3. ASheSChem

    Quelle méthode pour synthétiser de la MDMA en Belgique ?

    Salut à tous; quelles sont les précurseurs les plus facile a obtenir pour faire de la MDMA dans notre plat pays? une méthode en particulier? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi all; what are the...
  4. KokosDreams

    Spanish police seize 827,000 ecstasy tabs in country's biggest ever 'synthetic' drug bust

    Eleven gang members, including the network’s Dutch leader, have been arrested in the biggest 'synthetic' drug raid in Spanish history. Spanish Police announced that the case involved a “criminal organization with the greatest reach in the production and trafficking of synthetic drugs in the...
  5. C

    PMK vs sasafrass mdma?

    Hey Does anyone else notice a difference between pmk made mdma and one made out of sassafras? I notice that the pmk one has less of a euphoric feeling and the next day you feel wrecked. The sassafras one didn't use to do that. Is there a reason for this?
  6. 8

    Solubility experiments

    Let's start a thread on how to measure solubility in general. For specific substances and solvents better start a separate thread, since most readers are probably more interested in the results than in academic discussions. Why? Knowing the solubility at various temperatures helps: determine...
  7. 8

    MDMA.HCl solubility in acetone

    Introduction Acetone is often used to 'wash' MDMA.HCl, i.e. to reduce the amount of pollution before re-crystallization. See MDMA/ecstasy purification method. It's difficult to find data on solubility, probably because of the legal status in many countries. Using this data one can make better...
  8. C

    Crystalizing mdma oil

    Would using the same method of crystalizing meth work on pmk oil? Adding 37% hcl to the oil until proper ph is reached then pouring the solution into frozen acetone then putting it in the freezer for 2 weeks. Also, should the acetone be anhydrous? (I think it's preferable anhydrous)
  9. D

    Is it true that it's easy to get quality LSD,MDMA,DMT,mushrooms in Canada?

    Hey,chemists of Canada,is your product 99,1% pure? I was looking for information about LSD in Czech and found a some posts on reddit where people from Canada were sharing their great experience of buying such drugs from clearnet stores and mentioning that it's illegal in Canada,but Canada...
  10. Vince Gilligan JR

    Many questions about the synthesis of MDMA and other drugs by a beginner.

    Hello to you ! I've been browsing this site for a few days looking for knowledge and experience ! And I am really very happy to have found so much! So Thanks. For as much I always ask myself some question which could help other person who like me one can of experiment, are curious to learn. So...
  11. A

    MDMA synthesis validation & questions

    Hey everyone, I have some questions about this patchwork synthesis for moon rock that I would like some expert feedback and opinions, as well as answers to the following questions below: a) Is this procedure doable with the procedures and equipment mentioned below, and if so, what are some...
  12. S

    Cheapest way of Making Ecstasy pills from MDMA without a pill press

    What you’ll need To press your own XTC pills, you will need a pill die(you can buy this kind of stuff from AliExpress), a coffee grinder, a hammer, a bench vise, some Microcrystalline Cellulose(MCC-Ph102), some food color in powder form, and of course, MDMA. Grinding the MDMA The first step...
  13. Euler-Mascheroni

    Modern, Improved MDMA synthesis

    A modern, high yielding synthesis of MDMA using available cheap starting materials. Derived by an experienced clandestine chemist, written down by a noob. As I did not try out this synthesis and am quite inexperienced, I would like to know you guys thoughts. Give it a shot and try it: (I did not...
  14. swissdrugzz

    XTC composition

    Hello all :) I have a machine to press. I already have MDMA molds it, I believe the adesive. But I don't know what else to put in. Could you help me? Please Thank you SwissDrugzz
  15. Z

    recipe books in spanish?

    Does anyone know where I can get recipes and procedures to make mdma or any recipe in general but in Spanish?
  16. H

    I'm looking for a supply!

    Looking for a supplies examples coke speed or mdma contact me serious enquiries only! if your not serious fuck off
  17. A

    How to make mdma pills ?

    Hi, how to make mdma pills, i have mdma crystals and i want to turn them into a pill how to do it thank you

    Synthesis PMK (mdp2p) (scale large)

    what is the best reductive amination for large scale pmk? approx 5kg
  19. Kai

    MDMA from blackpeper seeds

    Once I heard you can use near anything for base MDMA. What kinda methods I need to follow to make this crazy and completely useless project?
  20. G.Patton

    MDMA testing protocol

    Introduction You bought strange MDMA crystals with unusual effects, and you want to figure out pollutants and admixtures of your drugs with help of testing experiments. Then you open this article and use it as a guide for experimenting. The list of manipulations with MDMA products, the brief...