meth synthesis

  1. O

    I managed to reduce phenylephrine

    I have managed to synthesize amphetamine from phenylephrine using an old reducing agent if anyone has any recipes or methods to convert it to methamphetamine please reply. Im willing to release this recipe step by step on how i converted it aswell.
  2. pseudoman


    Buy meth, fuck that. why not make meth by yourself, we provide you, pseudoephedrine at the cheapest price possible, we sell pseudoephedrine in form of tablets, the tablets contains levocetirizine hydrochloride 5mg and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride 120mg, so, it is 96% pure already, but you can...
  3. pseudoman

    confusion in listing

    Hello, everybody I just created an account here, toady. I want to sell pseudoephedrine, which is in the form of tablets like sudafed. so, my question is, should i list it in under "pharmaceutical" or any other section?
  4. F

    Meth for a complete beginner

    It'll be my first time attempting this and it honestly scary, my knowledge on chemistry is little to none and I'm still not sure on which recipe to use, I'd really appreciate help in three topics: - General Chemistry, I don't know of books or videos that could help me as I am not one to usually...
  5. Duart77

    Beginner's question I have pseudoephedrine base dissolved in toluene and I want to transform it into hydrochloride. Do I mix it with 37% hydrochloric

    Beginner's question I have pseudoephedrine base dissolved in toluene and I want to transform it into hydrochloride. Do I mix it with 37% hydrochloric acid or do I have to bubble hcl gas?
  6. Unclean

    Nához jódu - uzavřená reakce

    Ahoj lidi, měl bych tu 2 dotazy. Dokázal by mi někdo vysvětlit, jak důležité je časování náhozu jódu při reakci a vůbec proč se to dělí na 10 náhozú po 2min? Mám totiž 2 známé co mi to dělají jelikož mám zdroj PSE, ale každý má jiný postup. 1. Šikula - 10x nahodí po 2 minutách a s párou si...
  7. Duart77

    I can't extract pseudoephedrine dissolved in water

    Yesterday I bought a package of pseudoephedrine at the pharmacy so I saw it in the water to remove the other compounds, but when I had the pseudoephedrine dissolved in the water and put it on the stove the water evaporated and there was just a slime at the bottom of the pan. what did I do wrong...
  8. C

    how can i extract from loratadine and pseudoephedrine pills?

    i found pseudoephedrine (lot more)loratadine(5mg) pills at my country. How do i make it into pseudoephedrine salt?
  9. J

    Meth synthesis from BMK

    I recently acquired PMK glycidate which I am currently using to synthesise MDMA. I gained interest in making Meth too. Since I can easily get my hands on BMK/PMK powder can someone please explain the difference of getting from PMK to MDMA and going from BMK to Meth Thank you!
  10. A

    Variation of Leuckardt Reaction, works or not ?

    This variation is mentioned as the russian advance in book " Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th Edition (page 35) -Uncle Fester ". "The first change they make to the standard reaction method is that they add a little bit of nickel hydrogenation catalyst to the reaction mixture. In their...
  11. R

    SnB Woes...I'm at an impasse and need help

    I'm having the exact same result on all of my attempts at a one-pot methamphetamine synthesis following the procedure found HERE. Everything seems to go well, but when I gas my non-polar, it clouds the solution the instant my tube goes into the flask. The precipitate isn't crystalline at all...
  12. T0lek511

    Is possible convert 4-F(M)A, 3-F(M)A or 2-F(M)A to (meth)amphetamine?

    Hi, Is possible convert 4-F(M)A, 3-F(M)A or 2-F(M)A to (meth)amphetamine?
  13. ymaaah

    Methamphetamine synthesis with P2NP (not for personal use, only for research surpose !!)

    Hi guys ! I found a meth synthesis by P2NP so I share here ! :) I repeat : /!\ NOT FOR A PERSONAL OR ILLEGAL USE, IT IS ONLY FOR RESEARCH SURPOSE !! /!\ Methamphetamine synthesis: The major problem with methedrine synthesis is procuring the precursors. Phenyl-2-propanone is the most direct...
  14. ymaaah

    methamphetamine synthesis : vicks inhaler

    HI everyone, I found this in my folder ! /!\ warning /!\: I do not encourage anyone to use it for personal purposes, it is only for scientific purposes and for the purpose of discovery !!! List of chemicals and materials: Dilute Hydrochloric acid--> This may be purchased at the hardware...
  15. G.Patton

    Methamphetamine synthesis from P2P by NaBH4 reduction. Medium-Scale.

    Introduction I represent to BB audience Methamphetamine synthesis method of 1-phenyl-2-propanon (P2P) reductive amination by NaBH4. Following method allows obtaining and large batches of product. The hardest problem of this method is the heat generating during exothermic reaction of imine...
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