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    • Pack the goods in bags (1-2g) and hide them in safe places in your city.

    We going to do the rest work! As soon as the goods are sold, you'll get money for each successfully sold package!

    Relevant for all EU countries

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Apr 26, 2023
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This variation is mentioned as the russian advance in book "
Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th Edition (page 35)
-Uncle Fester
"The first change they make to the standard reaction method is that they add a little bit of nickel hydrogenation catalyst to the reaction mixture. In their procedure, they add about one per cent by weight of Raney nickel to the N-methylformamide note: other form of nickel catalyst usage is also mentioned in book"
"The second is they put the N-methylformamdide into the flask along with that Iittle bit of nickel catalyst. Then they start to heat this mixture in the oil bath. When it warms up to roughly 90 C, they begin to drip the phenylacetone into the N-methyl formamide. They take about an hour to add all the phenyl acetone to the N-methyl formamide, and while they are adding the phenylaeetone they allow the temperature to slowly rise to about 120C in the reaction mixture."

Does anyone know as a matter of fact if this method in general is as good as leuckardt reaction?
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