methylamine hcl synthesis

  1. Frit Buchner

    Can I get some eyes on these crystals?

    Whats this look like to you? I did a couple things. I heated ammonium chloride and formaldehyde with an alihn condenser and 110° turndown vacuum fitting on top and vacuum pump for a few hours and let it cool and filtered it. Then I distilled the liquid under vacuum for a couple hours and...
  2. Vinnie Vendor

    PMK ethyl glycidate (Powder/Wax) CAS 28578-16-7

    PMK ethyl glycidate (Powder/Wax) CAS 28578-16-7 Product Name: PMK ethyl glycidate CAS NO: 28578-16-7 EINECS NO: 234-232-0 Molecular Formula: C13H14O5 Molecular Weight: 250.25 Appearance: Dark brown liquid/White/Yellow powder Assay: ≥99% Boiling Point: 327.8±42.0 °C(Predicted)...
  3. Gauss

    Looking to get hands on some formaldehyde

    I would just like to know whats the best way to get formaldehyde for a small-scale synthesis. Since formaldehyde is very regulated in EU I have also thought about synthesizing it myself with methanol but since the temperature and equipment needed are insane I just want to buy some on the low...
  4. Gauss

    Purification of Methylamine HCl

    Just wondering what is the best way to purify methylamine created by reacting formaldehyde and ammonium chloride (which is at the end the only contaminate after dichloromethane and methanol wash). What I found was that the solubility in ethanol(pure) for methylamine is 29.1g/100g(at 78*C) and...
  5. N

    Methylamine HCL from a nitromethane reduction?

    I am done with doing a formaldehyde and ammonium chloride synthesis of methylamine it's too dirty and dealing with ammonium chloride is hell. Does anyone have any experience successfully doing a fe/hcl reduction of nitromethane to the HCL salt? or something similar. It seems like an easy way to...
  6. Methylamine HCl synthesis

    Methylamine HCl synthesis NileRed video
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