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Feb 8, 2023
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Just wondering what is the best way to purify methylamine created by reacting formaldehyde and ammonium chloride (which is at the end the only contaminate after dichloromethane and methanol wash).
What I found was that the solubility in ethanol(pure) for methylamine is 29.1g/100g(at 78*C) and for ammonium chloride it is 0.6g/100g(at 19*C). So at the end you yeild probably like 50-80%(just my amateur prediction).

So is there any solvent that can purify Methylamine HCl higher than 90%?
If so, can someone please explain the chemistry behind it.
I am just a new found hobbyist looking to learn some chemistry.


Jul 5, 2021
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Hello, I already mention about Methylamine HCl purification in Methylamine hydrochloride synthesis topic.
The product contains water, ammonium chloride and some dimethylamine hydrochloride. In order to obtain a pure product, the impure methylamine hydrochloride is recrystallized from absolute ethanol (solubility 0.6 g/100ml at 15 °C), or preferably butyl alcohol (even less soluble). Purification of the Methylamine HCl is in order now, so transfer all of the crude product to a 5 L rb flask and add either ~1600 ml of absolute Ethanol or, ideally, n-Butyl Alcohol. Heat at reflux with a Calcium Chloride dry tube for 30 minutes. Allow the undissolved solids to settle (Ammonium Chloride) then decant the clear solution through a paper filter and cool quickly to precipitate out Methylamine HCl. Filter rapidly on the vacuum Buchner funnel and transfer crystals to a vacuum desiccator. Repeat the reflux-settle-cool-filter process four more times if using absolute Ethanol, or two more times if using n-Butyl Alcohol. The recovery of ammonium chloride amounts to 100-150 grams, making the total recovery 850-950 g. The yield of recrystallized methylamine hydrochloride is 600-750 g (45-51% of theory, based on the used up ammonium chloride).
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