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  1. B

    The amount of phosphorus and iodine in the Moscow method

    Hello, I know that I will use 1.5g of iodine per gram of ephedrine, and 0.75 grams of phosphorus, but can I change this amount to increase the quality or quantity of the product? How much should I use if possible
  2. G.Patton

    Red phosphorus from match boxes

    Introduction There are two methods of red P obtaining from match boxes. First method gives dirtier yield while second one allow to obtain much purer product. First method Introduction Ever wondered how safety matches work? Well, never fear, as you will be educated today. The secret to the...
  3. Red phosphorus from match boxes

    Red phosphorus from match boxes NileRed video
  4. WillD

    Methamphetamine from ephedrine tablets

    Extraction of pseudoephedrine from pharmaceutical (Sudafed) tablets. Pseudoephedrine was extracted from Sudafed tablets using ethanol, ethanol/methanol (90:10% vol/vol) and methylated spirits. The solvents were chosen with reference to the relevant clandestine literature. For each extraction...
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