1. P

    Question regarding mdp2p Nabh4 reduction

    After nabh4 addition is complete and mixed for a few hours after can you let the mix sit for a few hours and the freebase oil layer will rise to the top and can be seperated? this eliminates the need for dcm or toluene extraction but does effect yield.
  2. jellycatti

    CAS 16940-66-2 NaBH4 Sodium borohydride

    CAS 16940-66-2 NaBH4 Sodium borohydride Name Sodium borohydride Synonyms SBH 1H-borole VenPure? SF Sodium borohydride sodium boron(-1) anion CAS 16940-66-2 EINECS 241-004-4 Molecular...
  3. Methamphetamine Synthesis via NaBH4

    Methamphetamine Synthesis via NaBH4

    Synthesis of Methamphetamine via NaBH4 From P2P
  4. marsella

    Synthèse d'Amphétamine par P2NP avec NaBH4/CuCl2 ( Quantité 1 POT/1 KG )

    Schéma de réaction Réactifs Alcool isopropylique (IPA) - 20 L; Eau distillée - 6.2 L; Tétrahydruroborate de sodium (NaBH4) - 1739 g; P2NP - 1000 g; Chlorure de cuivre(II) - 105 g; Hydroxyde de sodium (NaOH) en solution aqueuse 25% - 8 L; Acétone sèche - 2.5 L; Acide sulfurique (ou Acide...
  5. Diana

    Sodium borohydride cas 16940-66-2 NaBH4

    1公斤150美元 25公斤80美元 100公斤70美元 价格包括运费 价格有浮动,具体价格请购买前联系我。 如果您有任何目标价格,请告诉我,我们将尽力为您提供最优惠的价格。 本论坛众多买家认证的可靠供应商可以使用托管 我们可以为这些产品做专业的保密包装,100%安全运送到澳大利亚、欧盟、加拿大、美国等。 我们接受托管、加密货币(比特币、USDT、XMR.等)、西联汇款用于付款 产品名称: 硼氢化钠 同义词: 文纯? SF;硼氢化钠胶囊 (18 x 10 x 8 MM), 98%;硼氢化钠颗粒, 10-40 目, 98%;硼氢化钠颗粒, 99.99%...
  6. Diana

    Sodium Triacetoxyborohydride CAS 56553-60-7

    Price: $110/kg Payment method: Bitcoin, USDT, XMR, Bank Transfer, Escrow and Western Union etc. Product Name: Sodium Triacetoxyborohydride (Technical Grade) CAS NO: 56553-60-7 Molecular Formula: C6H10BNaO6 Molecular Weight: 211.94 Melting Point: 77-80°C...
  7. Winni Win

    NaBH4 Sodium borohydride CAS 16940-66-2

    【Payment Terms】Bitcoin, USDT, Monero, Wechat pay, Alipay, Bank transfer and Western Union etc. 【Price】50kgs, $110/kg(for reference only) Product Name: Sodium borohydride Synonyms: VenPure SF;SodiuM borohydride caplets (18 x 10 x 8 MM), 98%;SodiuM borohydride granular, 10-40 Mesh, 98%;SodiuM...
  8. ZRG

    Can STAB use glacial acetic acid instead of NaBH4 in the absence of water? Can I use STAB instead of NabH4 in this route, people in the forum say that STAB can be used in case of glacial acetic acid
  9. ZRG

    Can STAB replace NaBh4? cas:56553-60-7

    Nabh4 is not available for personal purchase in my country, so I wonder if anyone has used STAB instead of Nabh4, as far as I know STAB is a mild reducing agent, but I don't know if it can reduce P2NP, and cyanoboron Sodium hydride is highly toxic and I'm not going to try this, if anyone has...
  10. L

    Help : Nitrostyrene > 2C-H> 2C-B

    Well Howdy there folks! There’s a lot of info and conversations and loosely, reliable syntheses on many forums discussing using 2 particular reagents, but I need something objective. I’m looking for this “gold standard” synth everyone is having success with using Sodium Borohydride and...
  11. T

    Sodium triacetoxyborohydride (STAB) Synthesis

    NaBH4 is added to RBF and suspended in DCE or THF 3 molar equivalent Glacial acetic acid are added drop wise and the mixture was stirred until no more Hydrogen gas evolved. and after this can I vacuum distillate solvent with little heat and take it to dryness?
  12. Amphetamine synthesis

    Amphetamine synthesis

    Amphetamine synthesis via NaBH4 reductive amination from P2NP.
  13. KokosDreams

    Question regarding amphetamine synthesis via P2NP + NabH4/CuCL2

    Hey folks, going through my notes (read below) I am wondering about three main questions right now: My questions now are: What PH do I need to bring the reaction to before adding DCM? Is it necessary to extract the aqueous phase with IPA or can I just extract with DCM and distill after...
  14. G.Patton

    Methamphetamine synthesis from P2P by NaBH4 reduction. Medium-Scale.

    Introduction I represent to BB audience Methamphetamine synthesis method of 1-phenyl-2-propanon (P2P) reductive amination by NaBH4. Following method allows obtaining and large batches of product. The hardest problem of this method is the heat generating during exothermic reaction of imine...
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