1. coke199

    Question about tablet pressing (XTC ... more)

    Hello I have the manual Tablet press machine TDP-0T I want to make MDMA pills 120mg of MD and the rest is binder I have this binders: - Microcrystalline cellulose - Maltodextrin - Pregelatinized starch - Polyethylene glycol 6000 When I try to press MDMA powder only, I found that it's not...
  2. L

    Best ways to dosing compounds needing to be measured around 1-10 mg per take?

    Hey All! I need help finding the best, hopefully portable, ways to dose a compound around 1-10 mg per dose taken. Honestly I was looking forward to pressing my own tablets. But I am also a newbie when it comes to that. Being open for alternative ways, I would love to hear if there are any...
  3. G.Patton

    Ephedrine extraction from pills methods

    Introduction It is totally OTC and uses activated carbon as a cleaning aide while exploiting characteristics of VM&P naphtha. Average yield is 60 % of very clean free base. Definitions In this write-up will be used the phrase "for every box of pills used". This stands for every box of 48 x 60...
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