1. Lucifer

    The Great Tombola has started on Kerberos

    Kerberos Marketplace done right. Hell yes. The Great Tombola has started on Kerberos. Everyone can participate! This tombola runs 55 days. You can purchase a ticket until the 50th day of the tombola. After 50 days, the winner determination will begin and after 55 days the winners will have...
  2. malayboy

    Any RC vendors from worldwide except China?

    Looking for a vendor 
    any recommended RC vendors who providing China RC vendors I think mostly are scam now, but europe vendor in BB forum listing don't provide those, any other vendors suggestion?
  3. GrumpyPenis

    How do you have vendors use your site?

    So would they pay me and I make the post for them? Do I make them pay to have an account on my site? or do I let them have an account for free, then charge them a small fee when someone buys from them? Would I make it a one time fee or a monthly fee ( for buying an account ) I know this is...