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Database of Morocco drug crime legislation


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Jun 24, 2021
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National database of legislation and case law (Arabic) http://adala.justice.gov.ma/AR/home.aspx
National database of legislation (Arabic) http://www.sgg.gov.ma/arabe/Legislations.aspx

Dahir of 2 December 1922 regulating the importation, purchase, sale, possession and use of poisons
  • Part IV Articles 44-48
Code des Douanes et Impôts Indirects
  • Titre IX: Contentieux Article 279ter
  • Titre VII: Circulation et détention des marchandises a l’intérieur du territoire douanier Article 181
Dahir of 27 May 1954 (amending Dahir of 2 December 1922)
  • Article 2
Dahir of 24 April 1954 to prohibit Kif Hemp
  • Article 5
Dahir portant Loi No. 73-282 relatif à la répression de la toxicomanie
  • Articles 1-8
Dispositions du Code Pénal
  • Articles 57, 89