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Reduction of Tryptamine using STAB. Advice?


Don't buy from me
Dec 2, 2023
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Okay so I’m doing an aminative reduction of tryptamine to yield various different primary active tryptamines.
I will be using the method that is on video, filmed by Hamilton Morris - not the one where HE makes MEO, the one with the weird third eye guy lol
I’ll be making sodium triacetoxyborohydrite, made in situ at the time of reduction. I have everything I need but the tryptamine (quite an essential component) but it looks as if iv solved that now. 🤞
I guess my question is, do you have any advice, experience or knowledge on this RXN?
I’v said it many times but I’m not looking to sell the world (or anyone) DMT or anything else I make.
if I poison myself, that’s on me…I have TLC equipment to be able to check what’s going on to some degree.
I think I’ll also spring for some dry ice to be able to keep It cool easier. Or maybe not actually I don’t know the temp but I’m pretty sure it can’t exceed 0c but I’d have to relook at the literature I have saved.
I am also wondering if anyone can tell me why they need to use 4A Mol seives and not 3A? Obviously when you use them for the remaining 2% of alcohol, you use 3a so why, if they are both soaking up water molecules does it need the 4a? Also what’s the difference? Are they just bigger meaning they can absorb more?
I can’t express how glad I am to have found somewhere and people to discuss this stuff with!
Iv resorted to buying tryptamine because Christ I can’t decarb it for shit! It don’t know why, maybe it doesn’t like cyclohexanone as a catylist….I dunno I just either got Goo or a liquid that’s dark and won’t re-x. Anyway I’m done with that!
im hoping the reductions are slightly less messy!


Don't buy from me
Jan 15, 2023
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I'm curious wether in situ formed STAB would do just like the commercial solids (I still have couple of grams of both STAB and tryptamine) but also previous hands-on experience on tryptamine prep work so I will find the right moment to do some alkylations not keen on making a big mess for no results. in theory NaBH4 + 3 M eq. HOAc gl. should result in STAB but in literature for some reason solids are used in this regard (at least last time I documented it).
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