• The BB team is looking for employees, who are ready to work with mephedrone, amphetamine, methamphetamine and other substances.
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    • Make a minimum deposit of 50 EUR
    • Receive a batch of goods (from 25 g and more, depending on the deposit)
    • Pack the goods in bags (1-2g) and hide them in safe places in your city.

    We going to do the rest work! As soon as the goods are sold, you'll get money for each successfully sold package!

    Relevant for all EU countries

    Contact : @Madre


Don't buy from me
Sep 8, 2023
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The harm caused to drug consumers via the machinery of governments is often significantly greater than that caused by the drugs themselves. Families are ripped apart, people have their lives shattered by cruel incarceration, and entire sections of society live at risk and in fear.

Thus, by definition, any comprehensive application of harm reduction must embrace defense against this unremitting war against people.

For this reason, Section 4 of The Drug Users Bible includes material to help confront and defend against the brutality of the drug war. This includes segments providing; legal information, a mandatory drug testing discourse, a counter-media kit, various activist resources, and general argumentation.

In the hope of encouraging more cohesiveness amongst our community at large, I also penned the following extract, which is intended to present the overall context of the ongoing situation. As a community we all have to look after each other.

To hold sovereign and exclusive ownership of one's own conscious mind, to explore freely and without boundary, is surely the most fundamental of human rights. Or, reflecting this in the first person: to determine what I put into my own body, causing no harm to anybody else, is my own affair and not that of a third party or state.

These rights are indirectly enshrined within both the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Bill of Rights to the US Constitution, but regardless, they are held as canon by the rational and reasonable across our planet.

It clearly follows that to forbid the use of psychoactive materials, which are often naturally occurring botanicals, is a gross and direct infringement of these inalienable freedoms. Ipso facto prohibition is self-evidently a wilful exercise of external control over the individual’s mind and body; an undeniable constraint on personal liberty.

Equally, the categorical and unambiguous breach of these rights is an unequivocal political act in statute, decree and enforcement. By definition this renders anyone imprisoned for contravention of this mandate to be a person imprisoned for their political beliefs or actions, which is the textbook definition of a political prisoner.


In this context the war on drugs constitutes a brutal and unremitting exercise of state sponsored persecution and oppression. It can reasonably be regarded as organized terrorism on a global scale, targeting those who choose to exercise the politically proscribed human right of perturbing their own consciousness. It is a war of terror, explicitly terrorizing users of drugs and their families.

Death, addiction, mass incarceration, and appalling social wreckage are inevitable consequences when the machinery and propaganda of state are ruthlessly and mercilessly turned upon innocent citizens in this manner. Historians will surely view this as an age of barbaric ignorance and cruelty, and will castigate the perpetrators accordingly.


Don't buy from me
Sep 15, 2023
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I really hope this ends. Using a chemical or plant in our society can completely wreck your career, life and freedom. It is insane
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