1. whadafukbro

    Dear canadians

    Question Looking for a vendor 
    Big up to HEISENBERG for creating the group, you're a boss I dont know if there is a lot of Canadians using this website but join our group, and lets grow the community ! I'm new here, the forum and market is very nice and user friendly. Join us ...
  2. G

    How much is 1kg of each drug from the cheapest areas you can get them from?

    I know coke is about 2000 or so from bolvia columbia and places like that, does anyone know ? What drugs can be manfuactured anywhere and what ones can't?
  3. Ahilas

    Easiest street drug to make, and is cheap to make

    Easiest street drug to make, and is cheap to make?
  4. KokosDreams

    Police bust international drug trafficking gang that worked in Netherlands and Spain

    Agents of the Spanish National Police have dismantled a criminal organisation dedicated to international drug trafficking in the Netherlands and Spain, involved in the processing and distribution of various narcotic substances of synthetic origin, as well as the extraction of coca base paste or...
  5. M


    Question Looking for a vendor 
    2cb is being used very commonly, a few days ago I saw that a guy was making the drug 2cb with a pot and some chemicals but he went to another country and I couldn't ask him how to do it. Could you help me? I want to make 2cb.
  6. DarkNetIndia


    No.1 place on the darknet to get all the latest Indian news, updates and info about the Darknet and Drugs. Place to discuss subjected related to products, vendors, safe usage of mind altering drugs and darknet related material. All specific to the land down under!
  7. nomad

    The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs

    The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs written by Richard Lawrence Miller, published 2002.
  8. dark_side_of_chemistry

    new idea for a mephedrone synthesis device from the recipe: Mephedrone synthesis in the NMP (large scale)

    Yo . I came up with another idea how to build a synthesis device ... (for mephedrone synthesis in nmp) thanks to the gravitational flow of the liquid we are able to divide the solution after the reaction (right after the methylamination is finished). Thanks to this, in tanks of this capacity...
  9. L

    lion marketplace

    This is a new Dark web Marketplace which holds a long range of Drugs categories. It has no traditional wallets, instead a unique wallet address is generated for each product. It's not a friendly market for scammers Check it out: http://lionznqc2hg2wsp5vgruqait4cpknihwlje6hkjyi52lcl5ivyf7bcad.onion
  10. S

    Easiest way to produce meth without using pseudoephedrine?

    What would be the easiest way to make high quality meth without using pseudoephedrine?