amphetamine synthesis

  1. Amphetamine Hydrochloride Synthesis From P2P Via NaBH3CN

    Amphetamine Hydrochloride Synthesis From P2P Via NaBH3CN

    Amphetamine Hydrochloride Synthesis From P2P Via NaBH3CN Source: TDC
  2. yuiopjkl

    Synthesis of Amphetamine from P2NP via SnCl2 and Zn

    Compared to the reduction of P2NP on aluminum amalgam, this method offers a significantly quieter reaction (The reaction isn't exothermic ), better yield (90%) and a very pure substance (no additional purification required). Dissolve 15 g of P2N0 in 50 ml of anhydrous acetone Place 100 ml...
  3. GhostChemist

    Experimental section. The synthesis of the Amphetamine sulphate using P2P with ammonium acetate and reduction with Mg

    The reactions proceed according to Scheme 1. Scheme 1. Starting reagents and materials 5 g purified P2P (P2P obtained through the reduction of P2NP with sodium borohydride and steam distill) 4.1 g Mg 37 г H3CCOONH4 (CAS 631-61-8) 250-300 ml H2O 80 ml EtOH 88% 30 ml HAc 500 ml DCM 5+5 ml Ethyl...
  4. GhostChemist

    Methamphetamine and Amphetamine Syntheses Methods Comparison

    Introduction Amphetamine and methamphetamine are the most popular synthetic substances and both of them have significant value in modern drug sosiety. They are used at raves, parties, as doping, to get a high and so etc. BB Forum is unique platform in the World, which implements studies of these...
  5. GhostChemist

    Amphetamine Synthesis via P2P Oxime Reduction

    Reactions proceed according to Scheme 1 Reagents and Materials: 8.1 g of aluminum 0.05 g of mercury(II) chloride 5 g P2P 2 g of hydroxylamine or a mixture (50-60 ml of IPA (or ethanol) + 2.5 g of NaOH + 4.55 g of hydroxylamine hydrochloride) 50 ml of ethanol 2-liter flask 2 liters of ice-cold...
  6. P

    Theoretical investigation: Baylis-Hillman PEA synthesis via Oxazolidone/Oxazolone intermediates

    Introduction: A certain vendor online (that shall not be named) appears to be suggesting a "novel" route to phenethylamines. The reaction from aldehyde to amine occurs in 3 distinct steps: 1) A Baylis-Hillman reaction is first used to couple an aryl aldehyde with acrylamide using a tertiary...
  7. Amphetamine synthesis

    Amphetamine synthesis

    Amphetamine synthesis via NaBH4 reductive amination from P2NP.
  8. Alphamethylphenethylamine (amphetamine) synthesis

    Alphamethylphenethylamine (amphetamine) synthesis

    479Mb (.mp4) 1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene (P2NP) reduction to α-methylphenylethylamine by aluminium amalgam.
  9. A

    how i can get amphetamine from P2P and formamide and HCl)

    I found this: One of the most common methods of illegal production of amphetamine is the Leuckart reaction, which consists in the condensation of phenylacetone (phenyl-2-propanone, P2P) with formamide or ammonium formate in the presence of formic acid and subsequent acid hydrolysis of the...
  10. Amphetamine synthesis from P2NP via Al/Hg (video)

    Amphetamine synthesis from P2NP via Al/Hg (video)
  11. G.Patton

    Dextroamphetamine synthesis (Nabenhower, 1942)

    Introduction At the moment, there are many ways to synthesize dextroamphetamine. They can be divided into 3 types: biosynthesis (using biomass), direct synthesis, and synthesis of racemic (the sum of l- and d-isomers) amphetamine followed by separation of optical isomers. In our case, a...

    Amphetamine synthesis from P2NP via Al/Hg (video)

  13. GhostChemist

    One-pot Amphetamine Synthesis From P2NP With NaBH4/CuCl2 (1kg scale)

    Reaction scheme: Equipment and glassware: 50 L batch reactor with a reflux condenser, top stirrer and heating apparatus in a set-up; Drip funnel; Conventional funnel; Laboratory grade thermometer (up to 150 °С); Several buckets for 10 and 20 L; Measuring cylinder for 1 L; Vacuum source...
  14. WillD

    Amphetamine synthesis via 1-phenyl-2-nitropropene LAH reduction

    Reagents: Lithium aluminum hydride (LAH; cas 16853-85-3) 12 g; 1,4-Dioxane 300 ml; 1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene (P2NP; cas 705-60-2) 10 g; Sodium hydroxide (25% NaOH) aq. solution; Acetone ~50 ml; Sulfuric acid ~10 ml; Equipment and glassware: Two-naked round bottom flask 1 L; Retort stand and...
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