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  1. flightrcs


    Weight 1g 2g 3g 5g 10g 25g 50g 100g 250g 500g 1000g Price 30,00€ 50,00€ 70,00€ 90,00€ 180,00€ 350,00€ 700,00€ 1.300,00€ 2.800,00€ 5.050,00€ 7.800,00€ IUPAC Name MDMB-4en-PINACA , MDMB-PENINACA CAS Number N/A Formula C20H27N3O3 Molar Mass 381.45 g/mol g·mol−1 My section on the BB...
  2. S

    Numbetal notions any help is welcome.

    Hey guys, can anyone help me out with his know about on this particular product. I'll appreciate. Thanks.
  3. S

    Dare I even ask... Anyone have new info on NDH/N-Isobutyl-Hexedrone

    Ok I know when NDH first came around many of us were dooped receiving it when we ordered hexen. We could tell it was ndh before even testing the stuff, the appearance and the smell alone... after testing a line you instantly regretted even opening the bag as your nose is now glued shut and your...
  4. D

    Cannabinoids Supplier wanted

    supplier wanted Hello friends I've been looking for a reliable supplier of various potent cannabinoids for a long time. 4f 5f 5cl 6 cl adb fub amb ....etc who can help me....looking for someone long term. I would like to open my own small laboratory, the idea came from Breaking...
  5. S

    My best classification of cannabinoids from strongest to least

    Cannabinoids; 5FAEB2201 SGT 78 4FBCA 5CLADBA ADBB BMDP What can you tell?
  6. malayboy

    Potency of ADB-BUTINACA

    I got ADB-BUTINACA from a vendor who said: but I thought the potency of ADB-BUTINACA will be active in mg range? I taste it directly in grams, no effect at all, am I got ripped off? or there are actually another CAS number of ADB-BUTINACA with strong potency?
  7. Meikar

    [An example of a forum trading topic] Best of the best || [Ek phoram treding topik ka ek udaaharan] Best oph da best

    Amphetamines Methcathinones Tryptamines Cannabinoids Opioids Other 
    Naitroethen [99+%] keval yooropeey sangh ke deshon ko shipament Bahut shuddh naitroethen yukt utpaad. Utpaad ek elyoomeeniyam kee botal mein ek chhedachhaad spasht angoothee ke saath ek skroo kaip ke saath hai. Kais nan: 79-24-3 Keval yooropeey sangh ke deshon mein shipament...
  8. Meikar

    [Un ejemplo de un tema de comercio de foros] Lo mejor de lo mejor

    Amphetamines Methcathinones Tryptamines Cannabinoids Opioids Other 
    Envío de nitroetano [99 +%] sólo a países de la UNIÓN EUROPEA Producto que contiene nitroetano muy puro. El producto está en una botella de aluminio con una tapa de tornillo con un anillo evidente de manipulación. No CAS: 79-24-3 Envío sólo a países de la Unión Europea. El nitroetano es un...
  9. Meikar

    [An example of a forum trading topic] Best of the best || [Um exemplo de um tópico de negociação fórum] O melhor dos melhores

    Amphetamines Methcathinones Tryptamines Cannabinoids Opioids Other 
    países da UNIÃO EUROPEIA Produto contendo nitroetano muito puro. O produto está num frasco de alumínio com uma tampa de parafuso com um anel evidente de adulteração. Número CAS: 79-24-3 Envio apenas para países da União Europeia. Nitroetano é um líquido oleoso incolor com um cheiro fruto...
  10. Meikar

    [An example of a forum trading topic] Best of the best || [Un esempio di forum trading topic] Il meglio dei migliori

    Amphetamines Methcathinones Tryptamines Cannabinoids Opioids Other 
    Spedizione di nitroetano [99 +%] solo nei paesi dell'UNIONE EUROPEA Prodotto contenente nitroetano molto puro. Il prodotto è in un flacone di alluminio con un cappuccio a vite con un anello evidente manomissione. Numero CAS: 79-24-3 Spedizione solo nei paesi dell'Unione europea. Il...
  11. Meikar

    [An example of a forum trading topic] Best of the best || [Przykład tematu handlu na forum] Najlepsze z najlepszych

    Amphetamines Methcathinones Tryptamines Cannabinoids Opioids Other 
    Nitroetan [99+%] przesyłka tylko do krajów Unii Europejskiej Produkt zawierający bardzo czysty nitroetan. Produkt znajduje się w aluminiowej butelce z zakrętką z widocznym pierścieniem manipulacji. CAS nr: 79-24-3 Wysyłka tylko do krajów Unii Europejskiej. Nitroetan jest bezbarwnym...
  12. T

    Structure activity relationship of Noids

    Can somebody shed some light on the SAR of noids? I’d love to know anything about it. I find myself looking at the different molecules and while I see similarities (alkyl chain etc.) I’m interested in what gives more affinity for CB1 or CB2. Please explain in general terms if possible. I’m a...
  13. rickyrick

    5cl synthesis kits china

    Hi i heard that the chinese have been selling almost finished synthesis products of 5cl and other banned cannabinoids to circumvent the bans.So only finishing touches needed from end customer to make the chem.I cant find other info on this has anyone heard anyithing about it?I have asked my...
  14. I

    Help with making ADB please. New to this forum. (NOOB)

    ADB-PINACA ((S)-N-(1-Amino-3,3-dimethyl-1-oxobutan-2-yl)-1-pentyl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide). 1. A solution of 1-Pentyl-1H-indazole-3-carboxylic Acid (100 g) in DMF (1000 ml) was treated with EDC (1 equiv), BtOH (1.5 equiv), DIPEA (180 g), L-tert-leucinamide (86 g) and stirred for 24 h. 2. The...
  15. O

    Synthesis of SGT-263?

    Hello i need your help about SGT-263 production, any suggest? Please let me know
  16. rickyrick


    Formula C20H27N3O3 Molar mass 357.454 g·mol−1 MDMB-4en-PINACA differs from 5F-MDMB-PINACA due to replacement of 5-fluoropentyl with a pent-4-ene moiety (4-en) It acts as a potent agonist of the CB1 receptor with an EC50 value of 2.47 nM. I have years of extensive research with cannabinoids...