1. O

    How to produce opium from the poppy plants?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if someone can explain the process of gathering in the field and production of opium. In particular, after the poppies are engraved and the resin is collected, what must be done then to have the black opium to be smoke? Have you also some advices for cultivation...
  2. L

    Best ways to dosing compounds needing to be measured around 1-10 mg per take?

    Hey All! I need help finding the best, hopefully portable, ways to dose a compound around 1-10 mg per dose taken. Honestly I was looking forward to pressing my own tablets. But I am also a newbie when it comes to that. Being open for alternative ways, I would love to hear if there are any...
  3. M

    An introduction of the website?

    Are there a complete guide of all the functions of the web?
  4. B

    How to meet the PlugMan.

    Two plug men here and here we tell you how you can meet me or my brother or our fellow counterparts in or around you area. Dealers are paranoid indeed but you shouldnt have any problem with this. The level of paranoia a dealer has is equivalent with the "fame"/popularity the dealer has. That...
  5. Novator

    The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories

    The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories Year: 1994 Pages: 124 This book describes, in step-by-step, illustrated detail, how to set up and run a clandestine drug lab - without getting caught Jack B. Nimble reveals how to select a location, discusses safety precautions -...
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