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    Мethylamine hydrochloride

    greetings, friends;). Tell us how to work with methylamine hydrochloride?:unsure: Is it necessary to dissolve it or can it be put directly into the reactor? thanks.

    Methylamine, CAS 74-89-5

    1000kg Methylamine $10,000.00 100kg Methylamine $1,500.00 1kg Methylamine $20.00 Use this email to contact our managers for ordering or consultation: [email protected] More products are in our Chemical store


    Nitroethane Benzaldehyde 4-Methylpropiophenone Methylamine Privacy Public Group Anyone can find the group and view it's content. Also allow guest posting into news feed… Closed Group Anyone can find the group. Only members of the group have permission to view group content. All...
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    Methylamine 30% in methanol solution

    Looking for a vendor 
    Does anyone have a vendor for methylamine in methanol that shipps to the uk, thanks for any replys
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    Methanol in Methylamine synthesis

    Hi there, i plan on doing a reductive amination and i want to make a litre solution of anhydrous methylamine in methanol with a concentration of around 30-33%. My thought process was i would add 675 grams of methylamine HCl to 1L of methanol and stir. I would then add 399 grams of crushed...


    CH-167-WEB CAS : 74-89-5 Formula : CH5N mol : 31.06 Boiling point: Melting point : °C WGK 2: significantly water endangering ADR : UN3286 Class : 3 Packing group : II Price: on request GSM: +963 43 02 82 email: [email protected] web: The account has nothing to do with the...
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    Methiopropamine synthesis

    Chloroform can react with chlorine gas and iron powder to form carbon tetrachloride and forms hydrogen chloride as a byproduct. Thiophene is brominated to 2-Bromothiophene with bromine in Carbon Tetrachloride. 2-Bromothiophene can react with ethyl acetoacetate and sodium ethoxide and using...


    CAS : 74-89-5 Formula : CH5N mol : 31.06 Boiling point: Melting point : °C Density : P&H codes : H225,H301+H311,H314,H332,H335,H336,H340,H360,H370,H372,H373P201,P210,P260,P280,P301+P310+P330,P303+P361+P353,P304+P340+P310,P305+P351+P338+P310,P308+P311,P370+P378GHS02,GHS05,GHS06,GHS08 Highly...
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    Methylamine HCl

    Due to multiple requests I have decided to expand my offerings to include Methylamine HCl salt- 98% min. 70 E / kg 🚛 Shipping: National post 📯(for orders under 1kg) 5-14 days, usually around 7-10 - 10-20 E depending on location By courier 3-7 days🚚, usually 4. 20 E most of the time, 30 for...
  10. G.Patton

    Methylamine solution in methanol 33% 1L

    Methylamine sln in methanol 33% CAS: 74-89-5 64 EUR for 1L [email protected]
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    METHYLAMINE 40% SOLUTION IN WATER 1L - 40EURO 5L - 190EURO our website : 7n5chbevzcylxrpguc6tz24dx5qbnzx4oyuctcr3drj2ojhrdzk6kcid.onion Email : [email protected] Wickr : constantylious Signal +48 730 569 237 Telegram +48 730 569 237 Whatsapp +48 730 569 237 15% Discount with...
  12. Nitrochemis


    Methylamine hydrochloride 1 kg ($67) CAS: 593-51-1 Crystal cler, snow-white product: METHYLAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE The product is contained in a HDPE plastic container with a wide cap. Methylaminesalt is widely used in many industries.

    Biosynth Carbosynth

    Product Name: methylamine CAS Number: 74-89-5 Molecular Formula: CH5N Melting Point: -93.00°C Molecular Weight: 31.07 g/mol Boiling point: -6.00°C Flash point: -30.00°C Beijing Seaskybio Technology Co. Ltd. Room 904 A Building, Maples International Centre No. 32 Xizhimen North Street Haidian...
  14. William Dampier

    Mephedrone (4-MMC) synthesis from haloketone in ethyl acetate. 1-10 kg Scale.

    Reaction scheme: Reagents: 1. 4'-Methylpropiophenone (cas 5337-93-9) 1 kg; 2. Hydrobromic acid 48% 1300 ml; 3. Hydrogen peroxide 35% 750 ml; 4. Sodium/potassium hydroxide 25% (NaOH/KOH) aqueous solution; 5. Distilled water; 6. Ethyl acetate 6 l; 7. Methylamine 40% aq - 2 l; 8. Acetone - 8 l...