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Dead drops. Introduction.


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Jun 24, 2021
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The most efficient way for a retail dealer to work is dropping out packages with illegal goods in dead drops. This is done in a forest or city area so that, on the one hand, a hidden package can be picked up by any person who knows where exactly it is, and on the other hand, no one passing by could find it. This is achieved in many ways, but the main one is hiding the packages out of sight behind a typical terrain object.

In addition to patrols, the main problem of a retail dealer are people who are familiar with the system of hiding illegal goods in dead drops and with the most typical stashes. These people are looking for other peoples stashes and simply stealing goods out of it. It is precisely because of the constant tacit confrontation between them and the dealers we have necessity of improving the existing system. It should also be recalled that the acceptable loss of goods is considered 4% of the total amount.

This kind of job allows you to earn good money, but this is a compensation for extra risk, so you must be aware of what you are doing. Next, I will describe the basic requirements for work and appearance, behavior, lifestyle, in order to increase the chance of staying safe and avoiding criminal prosecution.

The best way to drop out a package successfully is to make it so that no one can see you and no one would guess that there could be something in this place other than garbage. Therefore, carefully examine the surrounding space for the presence of videophones, people in the windows, lonely passers-by and, most importantly, CHILDREN!

Because the attention of adults is not so dangerous - a person of the age after 25 is more often absorbed in inner experiences and pays little attention to others. And children concentrate their attention just on the outside world and therefore quickly notice a person who is looking for something under their feet or behind a sheet of iron and, as a result, will try to check this place. And if they find illicit goods, then, at best, they will get poisoning. Therefore, there are prohibited zones for work including schools, kindergartens, kids areas etc.

The description of a stash requires a photo, and taking pictures on the spot and immediately dropping out a package is very dangerous because of the others' attention Therefore, the best way is to take photos of places first, and then put packages in these places.

For beginners, the method of working in a forest, along the highway or not far from the private sector is suitable - so that it is simple to get there by public transport. The forest is good because, with a complete lack of skills, it allows you to do about 60 stashes per day, without fear of passers-by. Also in the forest, the percentage of non-findings fluctuates between 1% and 3%. But working in the forest is very demanding in terms of description (a mandatory requirement is good GPS module on the phone), as well as to the form, as well as the weather.

If it is not possible to have a phone with a good GPS module or the forest is in an area of weak signal reception and makes an error in the coordinates of about 30 meters, then the number of necessary photos increases significantly, since it is necessary to provide not only a panoramic view of the area, but also the path to the dead drop from the entrance to the forest, with mandatory photos of all turns along the way.

It is recommended to master the method of disguising package as trash. This camouflage is always unique and stays very well in an uncleaned place for months. But you need to come up with the type of disguise that suits your area and city the most. Never use such disguise as sweets, candies or chocolates - it is strictly prohibited.

Method of work.

Your working time can be used in different ways, and this will determine the speed of completing tasks, as well as your own safety and comfort. We will consider two methods of work that are fundamentally different.

One-day method.

Here the scheme is quite obvious. Go out, then find a suitable place, drop a package, take a photo, make notes for ourselves and move on.

This option is suitable for already experienced dealer, since it requires that all of the above actions be brought to automatism, and only in this way maximum efficiency can be achieved, which will be expressed in a large number of successfully dropped packages and accurate descriptions.


High speed of work


We are always on the streets carrying illicit substances, increased risks
In case of an invalid description, it will be difficult to check everything

Separate method.

The entire cycle from visiting the place to the receipt of the description of the stash is divided into several stages:

1. Go out, find some suitable places, make some notes, then make descriptions.

2. Then go around the ready-made hiding places and make stashes by dropping the packages.


Increased security.
Option to check description.


Requires a lot of time.
Dependence on people.

Obviously, a separate version of work is more suitable for a beginner dealer, since it makes it possible to walk around the streets without, take pictures, examine places etc. But you should consider a possibility of finding an amazing place, going there afterwards and finding out that strangers are hanging right in front of it, and are not going to go anywhere.

The one-day option, on the contrary, is very effective, does not depend at all on the people and is essentially reduced to walking, looking around amd making stashes if there is no one around. The criterion by which you can switch to such a scheme is confidence, faultlessness and accuracy of actions. If you are not yet sure whether the chosen place is a good one or not, or if you doubt whether there is someone nearby or not, then stick to a separate work method.

Common mistakes:

Suspicious appearance.
Walking around looking for suitable hiding places for too long.
Carrying illicit substances in your pockets.
Going out with illicit substances on an unfamiliar area without first examining it and not planning a route. Keep a safe distance from police stations.
Considering that it is safe in remote outskirts. Any such place can turn out to be quite popular and be under the control of the cops.
Not having a suitable legend in case of meeting with the police. Your legend should be as convincing as possible, at best supported visually, for example: you are walking a dog, you are a cyclist in gear and with a helmet.
Reusing hiding places and too often flicker in the same area.
Leaving time and date data on stash photos.
Using photo hostings.
Taking pictures or dropping packages without making sure that no one can see you. On the way to the place, peer into the windows of cars parked nearby, carefully inspect the nearest territory.
Making stashes on roadways. In this case, you can easily find a patrol car in front of you after you dropped a package.
Staying at the hiding place for too long.
Using popular entry points to park and forest areas.
Dropping packages in places where you can definitely arouse suspicion. For example, in abandoned buildings.
Storing photos of stashes in the photo gallery. Organize your smartphone so that all photos, coordinates are either securely hidden or synchronized / transferred to another device and deleted.
Dropping packages and making stashes at points with a direct view from the windows of houses.

Technical information.

We need a PC or laptop to fill in addresses and a smartphone for street work. You must have a Tor-browser installed on your device as well as VPN, paid for with cryptocurrency.

Before you start working, it is better to prepare your workplace in advance, install the necessary software on your phone, take a walk and practice using all your new tools. You also need to buy scales and consumables, you may find where they are sold on the Internet, but the best option is to buy it IRL for cash.

A smartphone for a street work must be equipped with a good camera and flashlight, a GPS receiver, and have sufficient internal memory and a flash drive. The cheapest options you cannot consider because they have terrible cameras, a small amount of internal memory, because of which you will not be able to install and use all the necessary applications, sometimes, moreover, the GPS receiver does not always work.

Smartphone software.

Offline maps MAPS-ME - detailed maps, working without an Internet connection
Photo editor. Any of these with an ability to put labels will do. For example, try using Infinite Painter (Android)
Notes. Any editor where you can attach photos to notes.
Voice recorder ZZ gram. Allows you to take a photo (good to use in conjunction with OpenCamera) and add a voice comment to it.
The OpenCamera camera (Android) is a convenient camera that takes pictures by pressing the volume keys, there is a function that prohibits taking a photo if the GPS receiver is not ready.

In order to work effectively with a smartphone, you need to think over the sequence of actions in advance, what you are doing and what program you are using. Basically, we need to take some photos and put marks on them.

You can combine, use voice comments and graphic notes, etc.

All security issues can be divided into two broad categories - internet and real life. Internet security is provided by the software, in real life you can rely entirely on yourself. All programs like tor browser, jabber client, VPN client, etc. are enabled to encrypt data, which gives us certain security guarantees. The other side of your safety is the real world: streets, police officers, citizens, cameras

The main rule is: don't talk too much. The more people know about your business, the more problems you encounter. Personal contacts are the surest chance to find yourself behind the bars once upon a time. It works anytime and anywhere, online and in real life, every minute and does not have a reverse cancellation action. Judge for yourself, what is the easiest way to detain a retail dealer (and, in fact, like all the professionals of the dark market): on a tip, to figure it out on the street among the crowd or through information technology?

Therefore, if you started doing this business, know how to keep your mouth shut! And if someone already knows? Even if you have been working with the best friend from kindergarten for a long time and trust him more than everyone else in the world, this already suggests that not everything is under your personal control. Evaluate the risks of personal contact as carefully as possible. Ideally, of course, when no one knows at all, but this is not always the case in real life.

Internet security.

The use of PC, laptops and smartphones to access the Internet cannot pass without leaving a trace, you always leave some information in the provider's logs, on servers, in messengers, just like a person leaves its fingerprints on objects. The main thing is that your footprints do not in any way indicate the type of activity you're doing and do not arouse any suspicion.

Tor Browser. It is a Mozilla Firefox browser that has built-in encryption and can connect to the .onion network, where the dark market is located.

VPN service. The fundamental thing with the Tor network is that we get into it from our IP address, and if the input node belongs to the authorities (which is theoretically possible), we can be discovered provided that the output node is also wiretapped. Again, this is all very laborious, but in order to protect yourself and hide your real IP address, or the address of the provider, which in general is not so important, anonymous VPN services are perfect. Many of these services, by the way, accept bitcoin as a payment.

Workplace. The ideal work option is when you have a separate laptop or computer only for illegal activities. It's no secret that on the modern Internet, all search services, financial systems and other various services are very fond of comparing information about all requests, purchases, movement of funds, etc. Therefore, the best option is to use a separate laptop, and do not use anything on it except working tools, in no case login to your mail, socials, etc. from it. In addition, you may do a hard drive encryption, so if your laptop falls into the wrong hands, this may help to avoid certain problems.

Do not use photo hostings under any circumstances. Most photo hosting sites successfully cooperate or are under the control of law enforcement agencies. Photos from all these sites are accumulated and sorted by region and subject. On request, photo hosting services provide information about the sender's IP address, connection log, number of downloads, phone IMEI. A retail dealer can be identified by traffic analysis. For example, if you do not use voice calls, while actively using Tor, Wickr, jabber it may seem very suspicious. In this case, you can get on the control, and subsequently into a full-fledged development by aw enforcement agencies.

Real life security.

Finance. Recently, law enforcement officers began to analyze exchangers and take control of suspicious withdrawals.

Behavior in society. Being invisible is our best disguise. One of the most important points is that the true reasons why a retail dealer can get into big trouble are only the ignorance or unwillingness to use the most important foundations, the second of which can be formulated as always remain invisible. All major drug trafficking cases are based on available information, suspicions, denunciations, etc. In any case, if you raise suspicion among ordinary citizens, it can reach the police station. To prevent this from happening, use simple rules.

Be prepared to engage in conversation with people and be as natural as possible. For example, if you are walking down the street carrying illicit substances, and a passer-by asks you what time it is, in no case should you behave like a freshman on the exam, but calmly look at your watch or get your phone and tell the time.

Another example: you rent an apartment which suppose to be your warehouse and at the same time, in a new place, neighbors have a great interest in you. In such a situation, it is best to be the first to make contact, to be friendly, if they are trying to start a conversation with you, this once again makes it possible to declare yourself as a good neighbor, but remember, you cannot make any close acquaintances, on the contrary. The main thing is to do everything calmly and naturally, then no one can suspect anything bad even in such situation when you made a gross mistake yourself.
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