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all well shown and explained. I only have a question about the proportion. what is the ratio of iodine to 4-methylpriophenone and how much copper oxide? these proportions are per 100g, can it be scaled or will it look different with more?

2-Iodo-4'-methylpropiophenone it can used as alternative for 2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone in synthesis 4-mmc !​

You're right! We will make video about it in July. Synthesis 2-bromo-4'-methylpropiophenone. Also synthesis Mescaline and TMA.
Could anyone do a video or provide some instructions on making general 4-methylpropiophenone please. This is where I'm stuck. Would be much appreciated :)
In the original method, all substances, except for the solvent, are taken equal to 1 equivalent; in the study, this further increased the yield.

There is a second similar technique (manganese oxide) and the synthesis is done with microwave, this speeds up the reaction, from 12 hours to 1 hour. Additionally, the yield of the reaction increases.
The music is pleasant, I was curious if there is a title for it. I can see myself falling asleep to it in a minute..... ;)
do u know how to do it faster ??
There are many options for this synthesis, you need to choose a convenient option and try. The synthesis is very simple, I have alternative options, I hope I find time and try them) If you want to try, you can write to me in private messages

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Synthesis of Methcathinones
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