1. 4-MMC (mephedrone) synthesis. Complete video tutorial.

    4-MMC (mephedrone) synthesis. Complete video tutorial.

  2. Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton

    4-MMC (mephedrone) synthesis. Complete video tutorial.

    This video represent a simple synthesis way of 4-MMC (mephedrone) in a small scale from 4'-methylpropiophenone. There is total synthesis video manual which explain everything and gives opportunity to make 4-MMC to every beginner of organic synthesis. Equipment and glassware: Round bottom...
  3. Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton

    4-MMC (mephedrone) synthesis. Bromination in dichlormethane.

    We will look at one of the options for the synthesis of mephedrone (4MMC) in this article. We will use dichloromethane (DCM) as the solvent. It has a low boiling point and the whole synthesis is carried out quickly. Conditions for the work: Air temperature 20-24ºC Relative humidity <60%...