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  1. Zexafy

    Pseudo vendors

    Does anyone know of any reputable vendors that sell Pseudo, everything I have came to on TOR seems to be a scam. Thanks
  2. MethSpawner

    Recommend a method for first time METH synthesis,got all em reagents!

    Greetings fellow hiveminds! I will be starting my journey to meth cooking soon.I got access to most of the needed reagents like ephedrine,pseudo, red p,methylamine and p2p.Issue is I got little to no chemical knowledge and this will be my first synthesis.Do you guys think this is doable for...
  3. primitiveintelectual


    pseudo extracted way Straight to E because the A / B method didn't work for me. 120mg pseudoephedrine sulfate + 5mg loratadine per one pill https://erowid.org/archive/rhodium/chemistry/pseudo.xtract.straight-e.html 10g pseudoephedrine sulphate 15g iodine crytsaline granulate 5g RP 5ml h2o reflux...
  4. primitiveintelectual

    make pseudosulfate

    120mg pseudoephedrine sulfate + 5mg loratadine per one pill 170pills method A/B using xylene hcl gas (nacl+ H2so4) through H2SO4 and CACL2 final product 3,5g where could the mistake have happened? https://anonfiles.com/PcI3e3I8x0/1_11_png https://anonfiles.com/R2I2eeI9xf/1_3_png...
  5. S

    Easiest way to produce meth without using pseudoephedrine?

    What would be the easiest way to make high quality meth without using pseudoephedrine?