1. Z

    Question about Liquid pseudoephedrine HCl

    Hello, I got access to Liquid pseudoephedrine HCl - 30mg/5ml Is there any simple way to extract the salt from the liquid? Ty
  2. A

    Can amphetamines be made from pseudoephedrine? If possible, please post a video.

    Can amphetamines be made from pseudoephedrine? If possible, please post a video.
  3. P

    searching for a pseudoephedrine vendor

    Looking for a vendor 
    Searching for a psehcl vendor to europe
  4. C

    Need a little help with something

    Hey guys, since in my country I can buy only one medicine without a prescription that contains pseudoephedrine, it contains also ibuprofen. Is there a way to separate pseudoephedrine from ibuprofen?
  5. G.Patton

    Ephedrine extraction from pills methods

    Introduction It is totally OTC and uses activated carbon as a cleaning aide while exploiting characteristics of VM&P naphtha. Average yield is 60 % of very clean free base. Definitions In this write-up will be used the phrase "for every box of pills used". This stands for every box of 48 x 60...
  6. Zexafy

    Pseudo vendors

    Does anyone know of any reputable vendors that sell Pseudo, everything I have came to on TOR seems to be a scam. Thanks
  7. MethSpawner

    Recommend a method for first time METH synthesis,got all em reagents!

    Greetings fellow hiveminds! I will be starting my journey to meth cooking soon.I got access to most of the needed reagents like ephedrine,pseudo, red p,methylamine and p2p.Issue is I got little to no chemical knowledge and this will be my first synthesis.Do you guys think this is doable for...
  8. primitiveintelectual


    pseudo extracted way Straight to E because the A / B method didn't work for me. 120mg pseudoephedrine sulfate + 5mg loratadine per one pill 10g pseudoephedrine sulphate 15g iodine crytsaline granulate 5g RP 5ml h2o reflux...
  9. primitiveintelectual

    make pseudosulfate

    120mg pseudoephedrine sulfate + 5mg loratadine per one pill 170pills method A/B using xylene hcl gas (nacl+ H2so4) through H2SO4 and CACL2 final product 3,5g where could the mistake have happened?
  10. S

    Easiest way to produce meth without using pseudoephedrine?

    What would be the easiest way to make high quality meth without using pseudoephedrine?
  11. G.Patton

    Ephedrine extraction from plants

    Introduction Ephedrine was found in the Chinese "Ma-huang" or Ephedra sinica Stapf plant, made from various species of ephedra, by Nagai in 1887. It has two chiral centers so that four configurationally isomeric ephedrines exist. The two naturally occurring ephedrines differ in the configuration...
  12. William Dampier

    Methamphetamine from ephedrine tablets

    Extraction of pseudoephedrine from pharmaceutical (Sudafed) tablets. Pseudoephedrine was extracted from Sudafed tablets using ethanol, ethanol/methanol (90:10% vol/vol) and methylated spirits. The solvents were chosen with reference to the relevant clandestine literature. For each extraction...